About Me



Edleina, whom is an image consultant, re-branding fashion stylist, and personal stylist tailored to your taste, budget, and lifestyle is geared to assist you in creating an image to focus on your confidence in public social environments. As a Personal Stylist, Edleina, is here to help you look and feel your best every day. There is absolutely no "typical" client.

Edleina teaches her clients, as she calls it, “Fashion Tips 101” which are basic necessary tools clients’ will need to thrive in their own distinctive way. Everybody has a story and their own unique perspective on what fashion means to them. With that being said, as social beings, entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and most importantly individuals, we all want to present ourselves as best. Professional photos, head shots and product shooting. The most important thing is to convince potential customers that your service and product is the best one on the market. Well we believe it is, but you have to make them believe it too! Clients want to see who they’re working with when it comes to receiving certain services. Edleina wants to make sure to capture the essence of who you are & what you serve to your audience with ease & creativity .




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