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Let Edleina bring your vision to life in a fashionable way.

Hiring a wardrobe stylist allows you to be bold and to even step outside of your normal. 

If you look amazing and you feel fabulous, then that confidence will definitely show when you step behind the camera and in your final images. Not to mention, you will have a much more fun, exciting, and all-around enjoyable experience during your photoshoot!


This Styling session includes (3) styles. (Does not include clothing, footwear or accessories.)


During Our  Session You'll Receive:


Step 1. One - on -One styling support from Edleina

Step 2. Size Chart Form

Step 3. StyleBoards

Step 5. Going Over StyleBoard With Client

Step 6. Fitting

Step 7. Location and Edleina Creative director

Step 8. Photographer 7 edited pictures

Step 9.  Make up artist

Step 10. Hairstylist(Touch up)


Schedule a unique consultation with our trail blazer image consultant, Edleina. We would love to make your fashion dreams come to reality.



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